Brielle Liebman is a singer/songwriter and guitarist from New Jersey. She began singing and songwriting during her elementary school years, and started playing guitar during middle school. She grew up listening to the Beatles, Springsteen, and 90's alternative rock. As the years went on, her interests in music expanded to folk greats like Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, and punk music like The Clash. Currently, she is inspired by many genres and artists. "I draw my inspiration from many different types of music," she says, "my playlists might seem random to anyone but myself; I could be listening to Fiona Apple one minute, and jump to Pakistani Quawwali artist Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan in the next."  She is concerned with the artistry of music and lyrics, as well as the power music can have to change the world. Aspiring to be like Joan Baez, or Pete Seeger, she often writes about social justice issues, and seeks to teach through her songwriting. 

Vocals, Guitar / Brielle liebman