brielle liebman

"Silver Lines" Ready for Listening!

Hello visitor!

I am excited to say that I released my EP on November 18th! It is now available to buy on iTunes and stream on Spotify.

I have been working on this EP for a long time now, and it was both exciting and relieving to finally get it out into the world. I wrote many of these songs anywhere between 2 and 4 years ago, and the recording process mostly took place 2 years ago at my now alma mater, William Paterson University in New Jersey. In many ways, I feel that this project has encompassed my years as a college student. I performed most of these songs for the first time at the university. "Strings to My Heart" was written for my songwriting class. It was the only song that my professor Martin Briley had no complaints about (he can be quite critical, but I appreciate that in my professors). "Carry On" is special in this regard, as I performed it for the first time the day after I finished it, and I performed it at the music department's first ever songwriting dialogue day for the popular music majors (of which I was one). The songwriting dialogue day was something I helped create, and it is so beautiful to know that it has happened every semester afterwards. I also performed "Blue" for the first time at a dialogue day as well. "Put your Gun Down" was written  during college years, but I did not perform it at school, except to record it. Typically this has never been my most academic song in musical terms -- yet perhaps in topic it is the most academic.

"Smothered" was the only song written prior to college, as I wrote it the summer before Freshman year. It is honestly wild how the years go by so quickly. I sing this song now, and in some ways, many of my emotions and realities have changed surrounding this topic, and in other ways, there are parts that remain. It is an amazing thing, to have this sonic diary now, that I can share with others. I hope these songs become a part of their sonic diaries as well, as perhaps my songs will be playing while memories are being made. I always want to produce music that is seeking the same thing I seek the most in life: love. Not necessarily romantic love, but the love of humanity, and to seek equality for all people; the love of each other, to be able to relate to one and other in our deepest and most vulnerable moments; the love that helps us self-reflect on areas where we may not be our best selves. Life can seem dark and lonely, but if we put this all aside and seek the connection we are meant to have, everything seems to fall into place. I feel like this is why I make music, and it is wonderful to have this time piece to share with everyone! I hope it is enjoyed! 

BL ☾